Filtering does not necessarily just mean separating mobile paint particles through an air stream with the aid of a series of increasingly fine mesh screens.

The AEREM FILTER works according to a different principle: FLOW FORCE SEPARATION

As it passes through the filter, the air flow enriched with paint particles is repeatedly subjected to extreme changes in direction. Depending on their mass, the particles are ejected from the air stream.


1. No migration

As soon as the paint particles have settled in the settling chamber, they are in a “dead end” outside the air flow. This air flow can therefore neither entrain them nor cause them to “migrate” through the filter.

2. High color storage capacity

The settling chambers allow the Aerem filter a filter capacity 3 to 5 times greater than a fleece filter. . The path for the air flow remains clear even though the filter fills with particles. With a fleece filter, on the other hand, there is usually a build-up of paint on the surface, which quickly clogs the filter. The filter will not accumulate in depth and therefore limits the filter storage capacity.

The Aerem filter, on the other hand, is only blocked when the settling chambers are completely clogged with paint.





Various filters are for sale due to stock clearance.
These are new and in their original packaging!
For extraction systems/painting systems
Unit price 40€, we are happy to negotiate if you buy a whole pallet.

Available are:

– 30 pieces “EF111” Aerem Eco paint mist separator brown, 100cm high or cut to 2x47cm; 10m²

– 60 pieces “AF9338” Aerem Filter HC white with expansion band 90cm high, 8m²

– 29 pieces “AF741” Aerem Filter HP, height 75cm, 8 m², brown with expansion strip and fleece


If you are interested, please contact us for detailed information.