The hot wax pressure tank system

The wax is heated to the optimum processing temperature in the heated pressure tank and conveyed to the spray gun via a core-heated hose.

This process makes it possible to leave the wax in the system after use, as it can be liquefied again both in the container and in the material hose the next time it is used. This is a time and material-saving technique, as hardly any time-consuming rinsing and cleaning is required.
Both manual and automatic guns can be supplied. Depending on requirements, one or two guns can be connected. Agitators and/or level probes can be installed as an option.

The advantages at a glance

  • Easy handling without premelting
  • Material can remain in the system – no rinsing
  • Handy and flexible hose system
  • Fully insulated pressure tank with integrated sieve
  • Independent heating of tank and hose
  • Spraying possible in all directions
  • Can also be used for oil and oil-wax combinations
  • Material supply for stationary systems

Technical Data

  • Control range: 20 – 95°C
  • Voltage: 230 VAC
  • Power: 2200 VA
  • Tank volume: 12 l
  • Tank pressure: 0 – 3 bar (recommended 1.5)
  • Atomizer pressure: 0 – 8 bar (recommended 2.5)
  • Protection class: IP 64
  • Weight: 56 kg

Range of application

The hot wax pressure tank system can be used for any application in which solvent-free media are to be heated or liquefied by heating.

The hot wax technique has proven its worth, for example

  • when processing wax for finishing wooden surfaces
  • for the application of release agents in injection molding
  • for impregnating packaging materials
  • the application of viscous lubricants, e.g. for corrosion protection
  • in model and mold making
  • for refining and designing candles and wax sculptures
  • in the commercial beekeeping trade
  • in the wax jacket service