Airtherm – the air heater

Airtherm information

The Airtherm functions as a flow heater for compressed air. . It is attached directly to the atomizer and replaces the actual compressed air line. The warm air can thus heat the atomizer and the corresponding nozzle constantly and without loss.

  • The compressor air cools the spray head of the spray gun to below 5°C in some cases. This makes the paint more viscous and harder to atomize.
  • Warm atomizing air has a positive effect on spray application.

The system is also available in an ATEX version.


The advantages at a glance

  • Low atomizer pressure
  • Less material and air consumption
  • Low disposal costs
  • Low noise level
  • Shorter drying times due to finer atomization
  • VOC emissions can be significantly reduced
  • More coating thickness per operation
  • Significantly higher runner limit
  • Use of paints with a higher solids content
  • Constant working temperature in any environment

Technical data

  • EX II 2 G Ex eb IIC T3, T4 or T5 Gb
  • EX II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T 200, 135 or 100 °C Db
  • Control range: 20-100°C
  • Voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Rated power: 500 VA
  • Air pressure range: 1 – 8 bar
  • Connection thread: G 1/4″
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Air volume: up to 500 NL/min

Range of application

  • Integration in automatic surface spraying machines
  • Installation in spraying robots
  • De-icing at LNG filling stations
  • As additional heating for manual spray gun applications
  • Temperature control of breathing air in the painting area